Emergency Disaster Relief Services in Ocean City, MD

First Choice Services responds immediately when disaster strikes your home or business. Our 24-hour emergency response teams arrive quickly to assess property damage. We also work with most major insurance companies as a preferred TPA vendor (third-party administrator). First Choice Services will handle and process all documentation required for your property damage claim.

24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Restoration Services

Avoid further property damage when a hurricane, tornado, hail, or storm has hit your property with First Choice Services. We take quick action to remove standing water and dispose of wet materials to prevent mold from forming in your home. You can count on our experienced team day or night.
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  • Dehumidification & Moisture Control
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  • Mold Remediation
  • Emergency Power
  • Securing Property, Doors, & Windows

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When you need emergency assistance due to an unforeseen disaster, contact First Choice Services right away at 833-There-4-You.

Here to Help When Catastrophic Events Occur

When your community is affected by severe weather, members of the First Choice Response team is trained and equipped to respond to weather-related emergencies, such as tornados, hail storms, hurricanes, floods, etc.

First Choice Services is equipped to travel to you, our rapid response team will assess, stabilize and secure your property, no matter where you are located in the country.
October 27, 2017

Dear First Choice Services of Delaware,

This past summer our condo was damaged by smoke and water due to a fire 2 floors directly above us.

First Choice arrived before the firemen finished putting all of their equipment and hoses away to evaluate the situation.

As soon as we were allowed back into apartment First Choice was there to provide us with an initial assessment of what had to be done. They explained that there was both smoke and water damage to our condo. The team immediately made arrangements to bring in the necessary equipment to dry out the walls and floor and clear up the smoke.

In the following days they made a more detailed inspection of what had to be done. Some of the walls that were wet had wallpaper which we did not want to have to replace. By doing such things as removing the dishwasher and washing machine and opening holes at the bottom of the wall they were able to dry out all the walls without damaging the wallpaper.

There was one large wall which had to be replaced in the master bedroom and walk-in closet plus parts of the ceiling in the entry that needed replacement. We were leaving in a few days so they worked their schedule around ours to do the work while we were gone. And they had all the work done when we came back in four days.

With over 20 units in the building needing repairs similar to ours they always had time to stop to check on the progress and answer questions and address concerns.

They had up-to-date environmental equipment to determine what had to be done. So when the environmental inspector came there was no problem and we received the inspectors approval.

The First Choice people work together like a well oiled machine. They were all efficient, attentive and professional. They cleaned up any work when finished for the day. They were willing to help each other and none of them were afraid to get their hands dirty.
It is now seven months later, and everything is fine and we are most appreciative to have had First Choice there to help us through this process. We would highly recommend them.


- Mr. and Mrs. O